Frequently Asked Questions

What do you actually do?

At eComm Masters we help YOU master eComm.  We are part stregists, part planners and part practitioners. 

Our main service fuctions are edcation, consultation and execution.

With Education, we will hand hold you while you get your Amazon store, eBay store or Shopify store set up. This will include training, best practices, execution and follow up for 6 weeks.

With Consultations, are able to review and create your eComm plan of action and let you execute it.

With execution, we will be like part of the team. We will RUN your Amazon Store, eBay store or Shopify store FOR YOU. This can be as complete as EVERYTHING or you can select what work you want us to do.

So what do we do for Amazon Stores, eBay Stores and Shopify Stores?

What Platforms can you help us with?

We are experts in Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, eBay Marketplace, Shopify and Wordpress + Woo Commerce.

We have a long list of recommendations for feedback software, email marketing platform, advertising platforms and can use all of them, on your behalf.

Is this a long term or short solution?

eComm does not have a one-size-fits-all solution so all of our work takes time.

Consultations are usually 2-3 weeks of work with dedicated email follow up for 1 month after.

Education is 6-8 weeks.

Operations is for as long as you need our help.